Seat Options

Own A Custom Saddle Of Your Choice, Without Breaking The Bank!


  • Our Guarantee Is 5 Years Longer Than Most Competitors.
  • We Easily Relieve Knee And Ankle Pain By Pre-Turning Our Stirrups And Stirrrup Leathers.
  • We Provide Saddle Making Process Pictures As the Saddle Build Moves Along. This Allows An Interactive Saddle Build That You’re Always Involved In.
  • The First 5 Orders Of Each Month Receive A Free Matching Breast Collar With Their Saddle Purchase.
  • Ordering Is Simple, Just Send A Check Or Money Order Of $1075 to Box 650 Greenville Texas 75403, The Day the Check Arrives , I Will Personally Call You For Your Order And Discuss All Of  The Options You’d Like Us To Make On Your New Saddle.
  • Order Now! We Appreciate Your Business!  

Hard Seat Rough Out


Hard Seat Slick Out


Double Inlaid


Single Inlaid


Padded Seat Suede


Padded Seat Slick


Custom Half-n-Half